Internet marketing and evolution

Internet Marketing is also referred to as online marketing and can be defined as a process or promote products, brands, and services using the internet. The scope of the extent includes electronic customer relationship management, email marketing and many promotional activities carried out by using wireless media.

It can also combine the creative and technical aspects of the World Wide Web such as designing advertising, sales and development. In addition, the internet marketing process is also related to placing advertisements, creating and this is done at various stages that are different from the customer management cycle.

Various types of online marketing

Various types of online marketing have been briefly described below.

Affiliate marketing

This is a type of marketing practice where businesses pay online retailers or e-commerce blogs or sites for each and every visitor or sale that can be made by a website for brands.

Display ads

This type of online marketing process refers to advertising banners displayed on other blogs and websites to increase traffic for its own content. It can also increase awareness of certain products.

Email marketing

As the name suggests, this marketing process involves reaching prospective customers using email facilities.

Inbound marketing.

Share free and valuable content to target markets and convince them to become their loyal customers to do in marketing. It can also be done by preparing business blogs.

Marketing search engine

Search engine marketing can be defined as a form of marketing that promotes certain businesses through paid advertising. This paid ad appears on the search engine results page. It also includes the placement of paid contextual advertisements and paid inclusion through search engine optimization.

Social media marketing

Based on its name, this social media marketing process is the process of promoting websites using various types of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is a form of internet marketing that is very effective because it can reach very wide users or customer base.

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