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If you think managing it is difficult … managing the puddle manager takes the struggle to another level. But, there is one major manager manager who works for their advantage: Empathy. If someone hasn’t become a manager, it’s easy to assume a lot of things about that role and how someone will operate after occupying it – but if you have become a manager, there are fewer assumptions and misunderstandings, and hopefully a more general foundation. . So, start here. Build this. Use. But then, move to some of my other strategies that might help you manage your manager.

Communicate openly

I’m sure you are not surprised communication making list. The key word is open here. Honest conversation with your manager regarding fear, challenges, errors, team dynamics, and problems. Most managers feel as if they need to bring this alone. They make an assumption that no one else struggles with the same thing – and we all know that when someone can empathize with us, we can become more comfortable with EBBS and flow that we face. So, whatever you do – do your best to establish an environment where your manager is not worried about what they share.


Don’t micro. I repeat: Don’t micro. Just because you have a mass manager who reports to you does not mean you have to manage it like hoarding ange. You are not their master – you are their manager. Empower them. Believe them. Encourage them. Their gift. Their coach. Praise them. Because good managers are busy making their team members recognized, they are often ignored, so make sure you get your manager’s time at the center of attention.

Provide direction

Your manager is busy building teams, encouraging employees and fighting fires – at least, you have to give them direction. Setting a vision, setting priority and the purpose of aligning is your work. What happen? Because what you do at this stage will shake the stairs to your manager’s report. So, if you flounder without focus, you can bet your business that the bottom line will not benefit from your chaotic manager style.

Without question, clarity – trust – and the vision will do a miracle with your manager. Use empathic background for your advantage, but don’t bank on it to bear the load load that you must carry. Just because you have become a manager and a manager doesn’t mean you are a mind reader – remember it. Existing management strategies forever still valid for you.

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