Economic creation experience is a new way to win a business

Many began to see the next “economy” trend. No, this is not a health care economy or the government’s economic guarantee. This trend is much stronger than called “new economy” and you must know what to do if you want to use and win.

This strong new economy has consumers involved in new ways that will change everything about your products and services. Your clients and your clients will develop their own experiences with you, your products and services, and with the public. How do we get here and what does it mean for your company?

First there is a consumer economy. In this economy, people buy products and services and consume them. Then consumers graduate into what is called a lot of economic experience. In this trend, consumers are no longer satisfied with consuming products or services, they also want to experience it.

Over the years we have heard about the economic relationship. But the relationship economy has existed since the conception of trade. In almost every commercial transaction, a level of trust is needed. Of course the strongest relationship develops when repeated purchases occur between buyers and sellers with satisfactory results.

Now we begin to see the “creation experience” economy. Consumers are now demanding products and services that allow them to create experiences they will encounter when eating or using what they have bought. While traditional brick and mortar facilities focused on experience by ensuring a pleasant atmosphere, the experience of new creation would need more than clean shops and friendly staff.

Consider the iPhone. There are nearly 135,000 “applications” for the iPhone. Each application is an opportunity for you to make the experience you will have with your iPhone. Your iPhone is fundamentally different from the mine, but together we share similarities with all other iPhone users who are fundamentally different from BlackBerry users. To take this to the logical end, along with BlackBerry and other smart phone users, we make another unique experience.

Facebook provides everyone’s opportunity to create their own experience and when shared, their own community. Facebook is very popular because it offers us each opportunity to engage in “creation experience”. And of course this publication does the same thing. Every customer is given an option to create the consumption experience he wants. If you intend in business for a period of time in this economy, you must start today developing the way your customers can make their own experiences.

You cannot neglect signs and trends. Your organization must involve clients and not – clients in a new way. You can take advantage of this trend by offering, developing, and supporting products and services that give your clients the opportunity to make their own experiences.

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