Tungsten: Advantages And Disadvantages Of It

There are so many advantages and benefits of Tungsten like for Tungsten Carbide Rods & Grit for Brazing and making a tungsten wedding ring that you will not hesitate when making your jewelry. Like every precious piece, the tungsten wedding ring has its positives and negatives, from high beauty to a much friendlier price. In addition to being highly durable, tungsten is resistant to abrasion and does not dent! It can also be coated with other metals, such as silver and gold.

In addition, the tungsten alliance in Tungco for example presents significant variability, as it can be made in different colors, such as silver, gold, rosé, and black, and molded in numerous formats, from the most classic to the most modern. Also, the tungsten wedding band doesn’t need to be polished very often, as its shine is long-lasting and doesn’t darken over time!

Finally, one of the most significant advantages of tungsten is its very friendly price! Compared to pure gold or silver models, tungsten rings are much cheaper. It is the ideal wedding ring for those looking for the best value for money!


There are many advantages, and you are already in love with this practical and modern metal! But we also need to discuss the possible disadvantages of purchasing jewelry made from this metal! Because tungsten is a very hard and super-resistant material, it is not possible, over time, to modify your alliance. There is no way to widen or cut the ring after a few years. Take good care of your jewelry so that it lasts forever!

Because it has a more modern touch in its composition, it is not preferred by traditional couples! Therefore, the adopted formats are usually modern, with different colors and more cut formats. But that’s one more advantage and an opportunity to be daring when it’s time to combine wedding rings (and toothbrushes, isn’t it?). Finally, if that matters to you, tungsten is not the greenest material to use! Its extractive medium can contaminate water, causing risks to the health of plants, animals, and humans.

What Are The Differences Between A Gold Ring And A Tungsten Ring?

Are there any differences between wedding rings made of gold and tungsten wedding rings? The answer is: it depends! Gold and silver are traditional metals widely used for the union of couples over time. But they usually have a higher value and a more traditional and simple finish. In addition, gold has several disadvantages that do not always compensate for its exorbitant price! It scratches and dulls more easily than tungsten. Therefore, you need to know techniques on how to clean gold. Also, it can dent or scratch, having a lower degree of hardness.

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