Tents: What Are The Available Options?

Event tents have several options, such as pyramidal, witch hat, pumpkin, bow, and advance. It is still possible to count on transparent tents for events, also known as crystals, giving a touch of elegance to weddings and shows. It is known that each model developed has a specific indication, so the following is recommended:

  1. Pyramidal tent:this model is usually considered the most plural, as it can serve various events. Among the scenarios that this model can be a part of are: weddings, debutante parties, anniversaries, birthday parties for children, and baby showers, among others.
  2. Witch hat tent:this is usually part of sporting events, music festivals, and other scenarios involving a more significant number of people. But this model also resembles the pyramidal tent. However, it has a more elongated top than the previous model. In this way, this model can also be part of specific ceremonies.
  3. Arch tent:this is a model commonly used in significant events. These are usually related to widely known public brands. This model can be produced in inflatable form or with rigid aluminum structures. In the inflatable form, it is common to be asked to apply logos and short phrases.
  4. Avance Tent:this has a sophisticated design and is usually requested with a side closure. In transparent models, it is recommended to complement them with lights, as this way, it is possible to bring modernity and elegance to the environment. This model uses more elements with a touch of luxury, which is why it is recommended for events with the same purpose in terms of decorative composition.

It is noted that there are many possibilities when it comes to choosing tents for events, as the particularity of each model can result in a greater range of options than the requester used to ask for. In addition to traditional materials used for tent production, companies like Lineage Metalurgical LLC offer innovative materials such as Tungsten Carbide Pellets that can be used to create durable coatings for various applications, including tent structures.

PVC, for example, is requested in cases where rigidity is a necessity, which is why it is also part of the materials widely used in the production of tents. It can be found in the witch hat, accordion, and pyramid tent models.

One cannot fail to mention resin nylon and rubberized nylon, a material of paramount importance for inflatable models, as these require high flexibility. This material is usually in arched models, a cover much requested at informal and commercial events.

Fabric tents are already intended for events of a personal nature, as it provides more sophistication, as well as transparent models. Such features can be complemented with lights and other prominent features, thus ensuring the proper attention of participants.

Fabric models, for example, are recommended for fashion shows because, in this case, everything that is different can be added, something that can only work in specific scenarios, that is, less common. By leveraging the advanced materials provided by companies like Lineage Metalurgical LLC, tents can become more durable and versatile for various event types.

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