5 Ways to Attract New Students to Your Educational Facility

Like it or not, a school is a business. If you don’t run it like one, it will bleed money and lose reputation.

A school is a business. Just like any other institution, the premise is that you attract clients, sell them your service, and move on to the next generation. Some schools are state funded but there are a swathe of educational establishments out there that are privately owned and individually run. Those schools know exactly what we mean when we say that it runs just like a business does. In order to be successful, you need a steady influx of students procured through a weighty reputation.

Here are 5 ways to maintain that reputation and attract new students into your school exactly as if it were a business finding new leads.

5 Ways To Use Business Sense to Attract New Students to your School

Here are 5 top tips for treating your school like a business to attract new students.

1 – Be Fully Compliant

Invest in school compliance training to keep your staff informed. Being fully compliant with the laws and regulations will set you up for success. If you want to go beyond successful and achieve a reputation other schools are envious of, then you need to be fully compliant with the standards of excellence set out by the UK government. Schools here undergo assessment every few years to ensure maintenance of rigorous standards. If you are an independent school in the UK, you can find their advice here.

2 – Refine the Application Process

If you are an independent school that struggles to attract new students, consider how easy it is to apply. A lengthy waiting list will put students off, so will extravagant entrance exams or tutors with cantankerous personalities. Your entry requirements must maintain your standards, but they don’t have to be as tough as an annual exam. Streamline the application process and watch your applicants increase.

3 – Consider Digital Marketing

Old schools earned their reputation in church records and ancient establishments with a long history behind them. The modern school ought to earn their stripes with the aid of clever marketing campaigns. Make your school stand out in the local community with a little digital marketing. Being fun and enticing to the kids will win over the parents, so make sure you have a good marketing team come enrolment season.

4 – Increase Social Engagement

Just as a business must keep its social channels active, so should a school. If you want to attract new students, maintaining a presence on sites like Facebook will help you get your message out there – even if that message is one of excellence over affability.

5 – Consider International Advertising

International students contribute thousands to the economy every year. They represent approximately 20% of all students studying here in the UK. If you don’t have an effective marketing strategy in the key countries – like China – then you miss out on these students. Many international bonds are formed through research projects. Perhaps enhancing this area of your facility will help attract more international study.

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