Controlling The Noise Levels In Your New Office Space

When you are getting ready to move your business into new offices, one thing you do not want to overlook is the noise level of the office. Having a busy work environment that is too noisy is a massive distraction, and productivity will drop, so you will want to do everything you can to control sound levels within your office. You can do many things to achieve this, and below you can see some options that can reduce the noise of your office and ensure a productive working environment for your employees.

Acoustic Underlay For Your Floors

While fitting out your office before you move into it, consider installing an acoustic underlay to your floor, which will help dampen the office’s noise levels. Acoustic underlay is affordable, simple to install, and will not take long to fit, so you can carry on installing your floor. It will also offer some thermal insulation, so it will help to keep your office at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Acoustic Plasterboard

You can also use acoustic plasterboard on the walls of your office, which helps to absorb sound and reduce noise levels significantly. There are various types of acoustic plasterboard you can buy, and it is relatively affordable, so it does not require a massive investment. The acoustic plasterboard is installed the same as regular plasterboard, so it will not take long till your office starts to take shape, and you can consider how you will divide the spaces in it.

Acoustic Office Partitions

Something else you can use in your office which can help you control noise levels is acoustic glass partitioning, which looks fantastic and has a sleek and stylish finish. It also helps to allow as much natural light in your office as possible while insulating against noise and can help you create a modern-looking office design using these glass partitions. You can create a comfortable and productive working environment for your employees that they like to be in and help to take your company to the next level of success.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

You can also get acoustic ceiling panels that help dampen sound and reduce echo, making a more comfortable workplace. You can install acoustic panels to a suspended ceiling that will help you control noise, and they are available in various styles and colours. They can help you create an excellent overall finish for your new office space and are practical as well as look fantastic.

Acoustic Paint

When decorating your office space, you can use sound-absorbing paint to help you reduce noise levels and make a more comfortable working environment. You can use many acoustic paints, but you will want to choose your colours carefully, as these can influence your employees massively. By clicking here, you can read more information on how colours impact the workplace and how colours can affect us. Once you have decorated your office, add pictures to the walls and have lots of plants throughout the office, which will also help to absorb sound. With careful planning and hard work, you can create the perfect office environment for your business where your employees will thrive.

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