Exploring Big Ideas With Veteran Investor Mark Hauser

Private equity firms are almost singularly focused on earning a return for their investors. Accomplishing this goal requires an investor who is savvy and can target the right investments to create a viable ROI. Mark Hauser is the founder of Hauser Private Equity and the Chairman of HAUSER, a risk advisory firm. A skilled industry professional with more than 35 years of on-the-floor experience, Mark Hauser has taken to sharing his skills, ideas, and concepts with others looking to follow in his footsteps.

Let’s explore the life and mindset of veteran investor Mark Hauser as we come to a better understanding of life in the world of private equity.

Defining Your Relationship With Business

Mark Hauser was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, to Art and Joan Hauser. The child of a pro football player, Mark Hauser had lofty ambitions placed upon him at birth. Despite his father’s affinity for athletics, Hauser found himself pursuing an education in insurance and financing. Hauser would attend and graduate from Miami University of Ohio with his degree in finance.

After leaving school behind, Hauser would turn his attention to what would become The Hauser Group, Purchasing the predecessor company in 1995, Hauser was able to grow his agency from a simple local group in Cincinnati to a nationwide firm with a mindset built around private equity.

As with any other field, Hauser understood early on that preparation was the key to success and that diligence would be the path by which he would arrive. Hauser and the Hauser Group team focus on talented mergers and acquisition teams while underscoring the importance of due diligence. With offices based out of Atlanta, Chicago and Cincinnati, it is clear that this mindset is working.

Creating a Life Worth Enjoying

Even though Mark Hauser has been steadfast in his focus on creating real-world solutions for his investors at Hauser Private Equity, he is still uniquely focused on fostering a life worth celebrating with his family. A diverse range of investments and ventures hasn’t taken Hauser away from what matters most.

Hauser says that his favorite way to spend time is by watching his children enjoy themselves. Hauser said, “My greatest joy is my four children and watching them build their lives.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Hauser doesn’t like turning down the dial on his stress by relaxing in front of the television with his three daughters. Hauser says, “My three daughters would tell you that my favorite show is whichever show they are currently watching.”

When Mark Hauser isn’t working with colleagues or developing solutions at HAUSER, he is focusing on traveling and staying in shape. Hauser’s most recent travels took him through the Rockies, Wyoming, and Utah. Traveling is a focus, Hauser concedes by saying, “As often as the schedule will allow.”

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