How To Find and Sell Products from China Online

If you are trying to find items from China, You may get lost or overwhelmed by the procedure. In the end, China is a vast country, and different companies produce different products. Additionally, the language barrier can frequently be a challenge.

If you’re an expert entrepreneur, an amateur fan of eCommerce, or something in between, you can figure out how to find what you require and earn greater profits.

Nowadays, online buying & also because of China sourcing websites has been a global trend due to the ease and fast of shipping your favorite products back home. When it comes to wholesale shopping, the process operates in the same way that makes exporting and importing easy and speedier.

China is the biggest economy globally and is an exciting destination for people involved in imports and exports, mainly imports into China. China is a large market and is known for its vast wholesale markets. We’ve talked about it in the previous article on online wholesale. Are there any China sourcing websites?

Alibaba can be the first one you imagine. Alongside Alibaba, numerous China sourcing websites can assist you when it comes to imports from China. However, you have to follow the right plan and avoid the most common mistakes or miss out on the most lucrative opportunities available. Follow these steps to generate more income in a shorter period.

  1. Research the Market

The first step in earning money through selling Chinese products online is to conduct research.

It is essential to take this step if you wish to make money because many entrepreneurs and businesses offer products that compete with one another. If you are in a competitive market, it will be difficult to sustain the margins required to climb to an upper level of heap.

In your research, you must first figure out what consumers want. You can use Amazon to find the best 1000 products in every category. If your product isn’t in the top 1000 and you are not sure, it may not have enough sales to earn a profit from it.

For instance, if you’re a personal trainer, you should be sure to research nutritional supplements rather than gardening tools. There is the delicate balance of choosing an item with enough buyers to generate sales but not choosing products that only large-scale companies can compete with.

For this, select an item that you feel can add your flavour. The only thing you can alter will be the marketing, which will enable you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the market (more on the subject in the future).

If you’ve found an excellent product in the top 1000 with bad marketing that you’ve worked with before the product, you’re ready to go to your next stage.

  1. Contact Your Chinese Manufacturers

The initial step, research, is often overlooked because people don’t realize why they should do it. They think they can put up a product and generate sales. However, most people don’t call manufacturers because of a different motive. It’s not because they don’t realize what they need to do, but they aren’t sure what to do or where to begin.

Fortunately, the procedure is pretty simple

  1. Negotiate

You didn’t include the phrase “sample” in the script above since you do not want to make the company you’re contacting believe you’re not serious.

Consider it.

Every day, Chinese companies get tons of messages and emails seeking samples. Most typically, it’s from someone who’s just testing the waters but does not have enough money to make the first shipment. Factories earn money from huge quantities because their costs are generally meager. Thus, you should present the impression that you’re planning on making it big right from the beginning.

After you’ve selected the companies you think you’d be comfortable buying from, you’ll be sending each one of them this message to let them compete with one another and negotiate lower prices:

  1. Order Samples

Once you’ve received quotations from the manufacturers, you have narrowed the list; it’s time to select the most competitive price and purchase your first batch.

Select the place you want to pay for, whether it’s a warehouse, your business or home, and send them a message asking what they can do to deliver the payment and the date of delivery.

Then you patiently await the product to be delivered.

  1. Create Product Posting

If you have your supply chain with a Chinese company that you can trust, you’re close to having a successful business.

The only thing you have to complete is to create your product page and connect it to a Buy-Now button.

The first step is to take all images of your product (links to step-by-step DIY product photo tutorial) at every angle possible.

6 Re-order or Pivot

If you’re making more than what you’re spending, you’re in good shape. When you’re losing funds on every item, you’ll have to make a difficult choice. You could take on another few months of the same and then purchase the additional stock, but you’ll lose cash.

If you’re not sure, ensure that you pivot. You could sell the rest of your inventory and utilize the money to buy other items from China. It’s never too early to know; the next opportunity could be your opportunity.

When it comes time to purchasing items from China, there are many moving components. If you know what you have to do, you can do it quickly, confidently, and with accuracy. But, if you don’t adhere to one of these actions, you’ll be losing time and cash

Benefits of Working with China Sourcing Agents

If you’re interested in purchasing items through China sourcing websites, It is possible to do this on your own or with the assistance of an employee. But having an expert in China’s the Middle Kingdom will add much worth, and that includes

  • Reduce time and costs and increase the efficiency of your business.
  • Find high-quality products for a low price
  • Beware of miscommunications resulting from the language and cultural differences
  • On-site audits and confirmations of certificates to prevent fraud
  • Risk minimization


You need to ensure a high-quality product, a long-lasting relationship with your customers, happy customers and a lot of money by completing every step with care. Then, take a break when sales begin to come in, and your bank account grows. It’s more challenging to do than it sounds, yet who would have thought it wouldn’t be challenging.

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