How To Make Good Lighting For Video?

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of good lighting and the differences between internal and external light, let’s get to what matters: how to make good lighting for video. How to leave your production with professional lighting?

Stay tuned with gillespie productions wisconsin for example because we will list the main types of light and the equipment used in production and tell you more about how to do three-point lighting.

Some types of lights for recording videos:

When you are going to invest in lights to record your videos, you will mainly find these types of equipment:

Soft Box

The softbox is one of the leading lights used for video recording, as it generates a diffused and very soft light and is light and easy to assemble. You need to be aware of the size of this equipment in your studio or recording space, as it takes up a lot of space most of the time.

One of the best things about the softbox is that if you have a little patience and some electrical and craft knowledge, you can build your own for very little money. If you search Google for DIY softbox, you will find several tutorials and see how simple it is to assemble your own. We separated one we liked a lot, and you can see it by clicking here.

Sun Gun

This light is quite intense and ideal for providing more uniform lighting for the entire set, leaving your scenes with a slightly yellowish light. This light has a higher value but can be an excellent fill light option.

Ring Light

The ring light is a circular fluorescent light positioned around the camera and is widely used when you want to highlight the actor or object in a scene. It offers a very even and diffused light and is mainly indicated when you want to highlight an actor’s face on the scene – as in makeup tutorial videos.

LED Panels

This type of lighting has small bulbs (60, 90, 100 depending on your needs) and emits a very strong light. These panels do not allow for very high-temperature control and can vary significantly between one and the other, so it is essential to pay attention to this. Most of these panels work with battery or batteries, so you always need to have these power sources at hand.

The Three-Point Lighting.

Before shooting any scene, it’s essential to make a scheme of how the lights will be positioned and how they will illuminate the objects in the scene. That is, to assemble a light map.

And one of the most common schemes when it comes to recording videos is three-point lighting. It is simple, quick to set up, not demanding in terms of equipment, and will leave your video with professional lighting. Also learn about Ways to Reduce the Video Production Costs.

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