The Importance Of Hiring An Expert Accountant And Services Rendered

Is it worth hiring a specialized accountant like susan s. lewis for example for your company? Of course, yes! A specialized professional offers expertise that will add to your business, expanding the possibility of good results. An accounting consultancy specialized in a particular area has much greater knowledge about it and thus can carry out its activities more profoundly. It has more control over the laws, taxation of taxes, and restrictions; in short, it offers much more. Segmentation can be beneficial!


Payroll is also a real job performed by accounting. It is the accountant’s task to issue the employees’ paychecks and manage all the documentation related to the payment of salaries, such as generating payroll data reports for the Labor Tax Authorities, for example. It is on the payroll that the employee’s 13th, FGTS, INSS, and vacations are processed. The entire process of hiring and firing an employee goes through accounting. And there’s more: it is in this area that the management of the partners’ income is carried out. It is up to the accountant to advise them on the amount to be paid monthly.

Financial Consultancy

This is a very relevant part, which is done by modern accounting. Promoting a financial consultancy is the role of a current accountant, which goes far beyond the organization of numbers, control of labor obligations, and generation of slips. Currently, the accountant must act as a true consultant and advisor to the company’s partners. Specialized financial management improves the company’s management and improves results. Through this work, the company can even anticipate a problem that could generate significant losses if not resolved in time.

The financial consultancy carried out by accounting offers the company’s partners an in-depth view of the business’s finances. Thus, it is possible to make strategic and managerial decisions in search of the best results. An example of this work is calculating the company’s working capital and constantly being aware of this issue.

Business Consulting

Contract amendments, issuance of clearance certificates, and delivery of accessory obligations, in short, are many bureaucratic tasks of accounting advice. But the business consultancy promoted by a modern accounting firm goes much further and aims to offer the entrepreneur data from the entire company that will help its management and decision-making.

Business consulting for Bookkeeping Services for Businesses offers a deeper view of the company’s accounting. It uses, for example, tools and metrics to measure results. It also uses the most modern management software to assist in this work. One of the jobs that specialized accounting can offer is that of controllership. Through it, it will be possible to identify and eliminate management problems in all areas of the company. Another critical function is cost containment work.

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