Advertising type.

The field of advertising management consists of organizational systems and institutions that interact, which all play a role in the advertising process. At the core of this system is advertisers, organizations that provide financial resources that support advertising. Advertising is classified based on the following principles: (1) objectives (2) the type of media used (3) advertising scale and (4) budget

National Advertising:
Obviously from the term itself, he refers to advertising on a national scale, where the manufacturer stimulates the demand of the product he offers to the ultimate customers. This mainly refers to advertising carried out by producers to make people with branded items, whenever they are sold. When advertisers handle it to a broad audience, direct sales cannot be expected only with a single advertising insertion.

Local and regional advertising:
As the name shows, this ad is limited to one particular area in any country. This is done when a product is available and is being consumed at the regional level; Such advertising takes place either from manufacturers, retailers or all sellers. Just like this local advertising is what people are quite familiar with the media are daily newspapers, radio, etc. Products available for local consumers are advertised through local ads.

Retail ad:
Service organizations or local traders convey their messages through retail ads. In this case, the customer is directly handled and induced in such a way as to visit the nearest store and shop for products. The exemplary bodies are super markets, department stores, discount stores etc.

Trade and Professional Advertising:
This type of ad specifically focuses on professional people, retailers and all sellers. Manufacturers aim for these people through this ad to persuade them to provide their products and display them in their respective stores, and run a national advertising campaign for their retail ads.

Industrial Advertising:
Industrial marketing is similar to the marketing of durable goods in advertisements that are rarely expected to make sales. Instead, a salesperson is usually asked to supply information and deal with transaction agreements. Advertising In this case, it can provide opportunities for engineers or buyers to express interest in the product by returning the card which is a request for additional information.

Image ad:
Image ads are carried out by the organization to improve the importance and appreciate e.g. If the context is “what we do” is handled, then the image is used to maintain related goals that improve the lives of certain products.

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