The main reason for advertising – 9 main reasons you have to advertise

1. Awareness = existence. A little for no ads means you produce a little without awareness about who your company is and what you offer. Fact: Buyers are always more aware of companies with the most aggressive marketing. No matter how big your product or service if no one knows about it! Basically included, if you don’t advertise, and often do it and be effective – you don’t exist.

2. Your image defines you. (TM) Your advertising puts you in a unique position to personally design your own company’s identity and make how the outside world looks at your company. Your company brand is very dependent on your company’s identity and advertising. If it is properly designed, you can use your ad to position your company as a leader in your industry, neutralize publicity and negative PR, and expose the weaknesses of your competitors while highlighting your strength.

3. Potential customers are ready to listen. Are you talking? About half of consumers buy goods within one week to decide to make a purchase, but the actual purchase time is usually not planned. For example, let’s say you decided to buy a new fridge. For the following week, you not only want to listen to the ad but want to see what your choice is to find the best deal. They will soak in your ad like a sponge to help them decide where to buy.

4. If you are not the first – you last. Simmons Research concluded that consumers believe buying familiar brands usually guarantee approval while buying foreign brands is risky … keep in mind also that most consumers delay purchasing, quality and service. For this consumer, you want your ad consistently reaching them throughout the entire process of their decision-making. Your goal is to become the first familiar brand that comes to mind when they are ready to buy.

5. Intention is nothing without action. Advertisement occasionally can help in terms of producing some awareness but will not do a little in terms of creating sales. Potential customers may know who you are, and may intend to use your product / service one day, but it won’t keep you in business. Consistent ads are designed with actions such as limited time sales, coupons, and promotional code that expires to provide consumers in “I have to do it one of today” phase incentives to act now.

6. Advertising creates traffic, which increases sales. Advertise to drive traffic to your shop, your website, or any service location. After your prospective customer is present, you can get limited time promotions and other call-to-action ads locally to increase purchasing impulses and point-of-sale. A national retail federation survey found that for every 100 consumer plan items to buy, they made 30 unexpected additional purchases!

7. Advertising saving your time and money. A large number of sales are lost only because consumers do not have sufficient knowledge about products and all options available. You can use your ad to educate consumers about your service / product features and benefits. Knowledgeable consumers save your time and money with the comparison of the first shopping and often know what they want to reduce your direct sales costs, the costs associated with employing additional sales power, and the time spent on selling them to them.

8. Invest in your success. Consistent advertising gives you excellence compared to competitors that reduce or eliminate their advertising. A survey of more than 3,000 companies found that advertisers were expanding or at least maintaining a stable advertising rate over a five-year period of seeing their sales increased by an average of 100%, while companies that reduce advertising grew less than half.

9. Learn from Pro. Copy success. Simply put, effective advertising work.

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