Online Advertising Strategy

Online advertising is about getting your website in front of people who are interested in your product or service. There are a number of different ways where websites can be advertised on the web such as contextual advertising on search engine results pages, banner ads, rich media advertisements, social networking ads, online classified ads, integrating pop-ups on visited sites, advertising networks, and Email marketing, including spam emails. In most cases, it will prove to be preferred to include various types of media and different online advertising versions.

Search engine advertising is the method of placing online ads on web pages that show results from search engine queries based on keywords and phrases entered by internet users or potential buyers. Three of the biggest sources of this type of ad are Google, Yahoo. Search engine advertising works on the principle of inventory and simple demand.

Contextual advertising, also known as the targeted advertising of content based on keywords in the surrounding content or context, which means that your ad is displayed on the website that is ‘in the context’ for your specific product or service. This advertising technology works by publishing your text or rich media ads on the relevant affiliate website that best matches the keywords or channels you choose targeted. This is usually less profitable than search ads based on user intentions expressed through their keywords.

There are three common methods to buy online advertising space for various types of advertising tools:

* Per-click fees also referred to as pay per click means that payment for advertising is proportional to the number of unique clicks on the ad banners. Per-click fees differ from the cost per visit in each paid click regardless of whether the user managed to the target site. Either a flat pricing scheme or bid that can be selected for advertising costs per click. The disadvantage of the advertising model per click can be compromised with click fraud.

* The cost per thousand impressions means that the payment method is based on the number of views. This advertising model is generally provided for websites with high traffic volumes (more than one million pages seen per month). The total price paid in the cost of cost per thousand impressions is calculated by multiplying the cost per thousand impressions with the amount of cost per thousand units. For example, one million impressions at a cost of $ 10 per thousand impressions equal to a total price of $ 10,000.

* Costs per action or acquisition, also known as or cost per lead means payment is based on performance, and is a common method in affiliate marketing programs. In this advertising scheme, the publisher takes all the risk of running ads, and advertisers only pay for the number of users who complete the transaction, such as purchases or registration. According to industrial observers, this is the best type of rate to pay for banner ads and the worst level of fees that will be charged.

Online advertising is very flexible and cost-effective even small businesses can look into online advertising as in many types of ads there is no salary unless there are results. This type of strategy can make advertisements very cost effective, especially for those who do not have a large advertising budget. Online marketing services are incomplete without online advertising, without strong advertising marketing has never been successful.

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