Various types of advertisements

The aim of advertising is to promote products or services to increase sales and create product branding so that the customer loyalty base will be established. Without effective and targeted ads, businesses cannot succeed. There are many types of ads that can be used business in efforts to increase their sales.

The following includes a number of types of ads available for business:

Television and Radio

Because the television was first introduced, the business has been a tremendous success in using it as a advertising media. This is caused by increasing consumers watching television. Television costs depend on the day or night advertised, the popularity of television shows (how many viewers,) and the length of the ad. Television advertising can reach millions of people. Radio ads are traditional ad formats that use sound and jingle.


These include newspapers, magazines, leaflets, brochures..etc. Placing advertisements in magazines and newspapers is an old age advertising method. Newspapers and magazines sell advertising space. Prices depend on location, size, graph, and color. Advertising success often depends on the number of customers. Print ads allow business to target certain demographics. Frier and brochures are a great way to advertise sales and launch special product promotion programs.

Internet advertising.

Online advertising consists of small advertising, banner ads, text ads, video ads, pay-per-click advertisements, and reciprocal links to other websites. The effectiveness of online ads depends on exposure and how many people really see ads. Internet advertising allows advertisers to track the number of impressions obtained by advertisements (how many people see it), and how many visit business websites they receive from certain ads, make it easy to find out the type of conversion rate obtained advertisers. Online advertising does not have restraints and can be seen day and night throughout the world. Business also has its own website as an advertising tool. The website designed well and well-promoted can provide the world of customers.


This can include digital signage, billboards, kiosks, trade shows, and outdoor advertisements. This is an advertisement that takes place outside the customer’s home. This form of advertising is very popular because it provides new ways to reach targeted customers. Billboards, kiosks and trade shows have become a very successful advertising tool because you can take your product or service directly to consumers. Digital Signage is a newer advertising method that is increasingly popular. Digital Signage is a plasma monitor / plasma TV place placed in a strategic location and displays ads directed at targeted customers. Digital signage can send messages in the form of digital text and videos. Advertisers have the ability to increase dating content from a distance location. You can find digital signage in places such as sports arenas, retail stores, department stores, malls, schools … etc.

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