How to Keep Your Laundry Equipment Running Smoothly

When running a laundry business, you must make sure all of your laundry equipment is running smoothly. You wouldn’t wanHow to Keep Your Laundry Equipment Running Smoothlyt to end up with broken equipment that customers can’t use, and you lose business that way. Broken laundry equipment will force you to file insurance claims, turn away customers, and shell out a ton of time and money that you could have prevented.

Here are ways to maintain your laundry equipment, so it runs excellently for the long run.

  1. Inspect and Document

Don’t wait for huge problems to come up before conducting inspections. Inspect all of the equipment before and after a workday so you can spot any issues early on for a quick fix, which prevents it from worsening.

During each inspection, document everything you noticed about your laundry equipment. When you have an ongoing record of alerts, errors, issues, and repairs, you can monitor the performance of all your equipment and ensure all maintenance tasks have been conducted. This is also very helpful if your equipment will require repairs, as repairmen will know more about your machine and pinpoint the problems easier.

  1. Have a Consistent Maintenance Schedule

Besides regular inspections, you should also keep a consistent maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, it’s easy for owners to overlook maintenance tasks with all the other responsibilities to take care of. However, if you continue ignoring maintenance, you’ll end up experiencing downtime and costly issues.

Make sure that you or your staff members conduct maintenance tasks and list things to do and check. You never know when one of your maintenance tasks indicates a need to replace its alliance laundry parts!

  1. Check Your Laundry Equipment Manual

This is a basic tip but also overlooked. Business owners and managers don’t look into any details from the equipment’s user manual.

Make sure that you take the time to read through all the maintenance requirements, tips, and other tricks in the manual to operate your equipment more efficiently. The owner’s manual may also teach you more about the equipment’s laundry parts and when they require upgrading from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts.

  1. Leave the Washer Doors Open

Keeping the washer doors open between uses will improve the airflow and allow moisture to evaporate properly. This will prevent mold and mildew buildup.

  1. Clean Your Lint Screen

Unclean lint screens may cause dryer fires, so make sure to clean the lint from its screen and the lint compartment after every use. This will also maintain proper airflow and prevent your dryers from overheating.

  1. Keep the Machines Clean

Maintaining clean machines and a work area is crucial, as any garbage, dirt, and debris around the machine may cause fires or damage. Make sure all the machines are wiped down and that their compartments are clean. Also, sweep and mop the surrounding areas regularly.

Wrapping It Up

Maintaining your laundry equipment doesn’t need to be so difficult. By spending a bit of time keeping your machines clean and inspected, you can save thousands of dollars from repairs and customer losses.

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