How to test your SAP system?


Many benefits come with testing SAP services and systems. There are three different types of SAP and each one of them has their strength and weaknesses. There are also areas that they work well and areas they don’t. When you think of centered processes, differences in SAP users’ systems such as those using a different screen resolution or Macbook can lead to bugs. Instead of just implementing a plan, you need to test all the possible scenarios first. It is only through testing that you will be able to understand if a plan is suitable and viable for your business or not Here is how you can test the solution

Running a pilot test

The first type of test that you should consider is the pilot test. While doing this, there are things to consider or put in place. Here are some of them

  • Setting a target for the pilot test

The first important thing to do is setting up a target for the pilot test. This test can be about any process. If it has something to do with data management and data accessibility, you want to make sure that the SAP is accurate. You also have to check if the system can perfume its intended tasks without any trouble.

  • Running a live pilot

This is the second important thing when you are running a pilot test. Consider reviewing the output of the SAP system each day with the help of your team members. The output to be reviewed should be selected randomly.

  • Pilot results evaluation

After you have done all the pilot tests, the next step should be to evaluate the results. You should consider running an evaluation putting in mind cases that are rare and inputs that are difficult.

Going live

The second step in testing your SAP Services is by going live. It is at this stage that you will be designing the governance of processes that are driven by the SAP system. You should then clarify responsibilities and roles. In case of a fallback, you should have a plan on how you can easily handle that. By going live, you will be communicating the new process to stakeholders who are relevant to the project. It is only after communicating to stakeholders that you should be thinking of going live. Go live and monitor the strength or the results of the SAP system.

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