Industrial Computers – Pros and Cons

Industrial computers have been around since the early eighties when recognized that computing can be beneficial for factory floors such as for offices. Industrial computers are mostly based on the same technology as standard desktop computers but built to be more rough and durable.

Industrial computers are present in several forms such as industrial computers that can be installed on the shelf that can slot on the server shelf, PC panel that integrates PCs and screens together to a solid industrial computer that contains several or no moving parts.

Industrial PC’s designed from factory floors and all types of industrial computers share the same philosophy to provide controlled environments for electronics installed to survive the factory floor hard.

There are many advantages to running industrial PCs on factory floors, they can be relied upon and can withstand excessive water and dust. However, the PC industry pays the price for this durability because they are not too flexible.

Most Industrial PCs are built with reliability as a prerequisite, for this reason they need to use components that are tried and tested, while this makes them very reliable meaning that frequent industrial computers do not have standard desktop PC processing and memory capabilities.

Another disadvantage of industrial computers is that most is almost impossible to be improved. If additional processing or memory is needed, the new industrial PC must be purchased. They can also prove problematic when they fail and need to repair, especially solid machines, the only choice is to call service engineers but if the engine is critical operational then this can mean the production time is missing.

Alternative solutions for the industry are by using standard desktop machines and protecting them in waterproof and dustproof computers. Industrial computer attachments offer all standard industrial PC protection but with additional bonus flexibility. With industrial PC cages that you can:

* Select what PC specifications used in your industrial environment

* Increase the PC at will

* PC can be repaired by your standard IT support workers or all computers replaced in a few minutes

* Can budget costs effective when compared to industrial PCs

* Computer attachments can be reused with a different machine

* Enclosure computer industry will extend your life

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