Industrial cooling tower to suit the current industrial needs

Industrial cooling tower is the heart of every industrial process that requires cooling as an action. Cooling may be an important part of the industry process so that the products provided can be produced. It can also happen that industrial installations or manufacturing areas need cooling so that the manufacturing process can run smoothly.

For this reason, this tower has become a necessity than luxury in various industries. These towers basically evolve from the commercial tower and are specifically modified for various industrial processes. The basic functioning of this tower, both industrial or commercial is very simple to understand. They work on the principle of evaporative cooling, as part of the water contacted by the air around. This causes a portion of a portion of water and produces cooling.

Various industrial units require cooling for daily operations and smoothly. These include industries such as power plants, petroleum purification, chemical processing, sugar manufacturing, air conditions and coolers, steel making, and many others. Industrial cooling has been around for years. The first need for industrial cooling appeared during the early years of the Industrial Revolution. Because they managed to remove the heat of the industry process, the use of growing in the industry is increasing.

Depending on its use, the tower is classified as commercial or industrial. Some of these towers are involved mainly in the oil and electrical industries using large capacity water for cooling purposes – some of these giant towers use anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 cubic meters of water per hour for their cooling needs.

Most industrial towers use the air to cool the flow of water in it. In general, based on these arrangements, they can be categorized as natural drafts or mechanical concepts, which include drafts that are induced and forced design towers. The natural design tower utilizes the tendency of warm air up and cold air to go down to induce cooling. The design tower is induced using a motorbike and fans in the air out of the cooling tower to draw air through the cooling tower. Finally, the forced draft tower uses fans at the air intake in the cooling tower to push air through the tower.

Also, depending on how air is directed to the flow of water, two types of towers are located. The first involves the type of counter cooling tower, where the air flow is directed upwards while the water flows down. The cross-flowing tower directs the air flow perpendicular to the flow of water. Depending on the requirements, the industrial cooling tower can be of various shapes, such as boxes or bottled towers or even rectangular.

If the water quality is not properly maintained in this tower, it can cause the formation of several types of bacteria and algae in the water. Therefore, maintaining a cooling tower regularly is very important. The tower that is poorly maintained can cause a disease called Legionnaires. However, the right processing of water in the industrial cooling tower can prevent the development of this disease.

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